“It’s In The Mail, Governor Palin”

Mama Grizzly

What do I get for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism? No tickets to the Republican National Convention. I’ve been told my tickets are in the mail but we haven’t received them. I keep asking that Reince … Read More »

I Support Gay Marriage


This morning I talked with Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on the phone. She asked me straight out, “Sarah, do you support gay marriage?” I was shocked. But I answered honestly. “You betcha!” I believe that marriage between a man and a woman in this here United States of Americans is divinely appointed by God. And God … Read More »

My Daughter, A Child Of God


I am so proud of Bristol. What a great girl. She’s had her problems and we’ve had our differences. I was so sad when she let Levi Johnston into her bedroom, and so happy when she kicked him out. Now, she’s a Christian. I found this out on Bristol’s blog. She wrote, Many times, people … Read More »

My Fox News Check Bounced And I’m Pissed


When I get Fox News’ Roger Ailes on the phone I’m going to show him what a mama grizzly can do. I’m a very unhappy woman scorned. I have bills to pay. Clothes to buy. Fox News is supposed to pay me a few million dollars a year and I’m supposed to say what I … Read More »

What We Need In A President


What this country truly needs in a president is a commander-in-chief of these United States of Americans that can cook and look hot at the same time. After surveying the Republican candidates for president, it’s obvious why most people reject them all. Not one of them is hot. Not one of them can cook. I … Read More »

Child Labor Laws Are Bad


There’s no longer any doubt. Child labor laws are bad for America. This is just another example of federal government overreaching into family responsibilities. We need child labor. Not child labor laws that prevent children from working. Look at China. They don’t have child labor laws in China and their economy is booming. Low cost … Read More »

Secret Service Agents Are Horny


Boy, oh boy. Who couldn’t see this coming? Secret Service agents embroiled in a sex scandal. When I was campaigning for vice president in 2008 my assigned Secret Service agents were watching me more than they were watching people in the crowd. The scary part about having a Secret Service agent follow me around all … Read More »

Haunting Mitt Romney


For me to act like the Mitt Romney kind of Republican I’d have to have two faces. One to say this, and one to say the opposite a few minutes later. My head would fall off if I had to swivel it as fast as Mitt Romney swivels his positions. So, I’ve decided to haunt … Read More »